Newcomer with power

Brand identity and guidelines for Ponnan

A unique brand and communication strategy that embodies Ponnan’s vision and values. Discover how we helped make Ponnan’s history and shape its future through creative ideas and effective communication.

To ensure that Ponnan has consistent and strong branding across all platforms, the brand identity was developed and established. Ponnan also designed print materials and laid the groundwork for a digital presence. This ensured that the company’s visual identity was consistent, clear, and perfectly aligned with Ponnan’s values and goals.

The branding strategy and guidelines ensure that the company has a clear and consistent visual identity. The marketing strategy was specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of Ponnan’s target audience in order to build strong brand awareness and appeal to potential customers.

Final Delivery

  1. Branding
    • Brand Tone of voice
    • Slogan
  2. Brand Identity
    • Logo
    • Color palette
    • Patterns / illustrations
    • Layout and Composition
  3. Corporate
    • Business Card
    • Letterhead
    • Email Signature
    • Envelope
  4. Digital
    • Presentation Template
    • Social Media Templates
  5. Brand Standards Manual
    • Logo Library
    • Positive and Negative Versions
    • Typography


"Creating What Matters" - this slogan is the expression of the new branding that Dartera has developed for Ponnan. The identity of the company, which stands for trust and sustainability, is reinforced by the clear and consistent appearance.
The product like the brand

Capturing unforgettable moments

Ponnan is a brand dedicated to the passion and dedication for photography. With an eye for detail and a talent for composition, Ponnan Photography creates images that are not only beautiful to look at, but also tell a story.


Through simplicity and conciseness in the memory.

Ponnan’s branding is clear and memorable. The tagline “CREATING WHAT MATTERS” conveys the company’s commitment to creating meaningful solutions. The logo is simple and modern, which makes it easy to remember and good to use in different contexts.

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