Counseling center for binational couples and families

An easier life for binational couples thanks to a simple website

We are pleased to present our the Case-Study about the counseling center for binational couples and families. We have created a user-friendly website that aims to improve the lives of binational couples and families with simplicity.

The website is quadrilingual and easy to manage, which allows the counseling center to update its content quickly and easily. With a similar design to the frabina website, it is modern and appealing.

To ensure that the website is available at all times, we hosted it on Amazon Web Services and monitor it around the clock. We check them daily for uptime and perform daily backups. Through the optimization for search engines and the daily security scan incl. Alerting we protect the website from threats and potential attacks. We have also implemented security measures such as IP bans and blocks on too many attempts to prevent unauthorized access.

We are proud to have created this website for the Counseling Center for Binational Couples and Families and continue to support it with our maintenance and hosting services to ensure it stays up to date.

All information about the creation, maintenance and hosting of the website of the Counseling Center for Binational Couples and Families can be found in this case study.


  1. Uniform appearance with Frabina: The aim is for the website to have a uniform appearance with Frabina.
  2. Multilingualism: The website should be available in English, French, German and Spanish to appeal to a wider audience.
  3. Simple structuring: the website should be structured simply to minimize language barriers and provide a better user experience.
  4. Current Content: There should be a section to post news, events or know how articles to keep the site current.
  5. On-Page SEO: The website should be optimized on-page SEO to achieve a better ranking in search engines.
  6. Hosting: The website is to be hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  7. Monitoring: There should be 24/7 monitoring of the website to detect problems early.
  8. Up-time checks: There shall be 1,440 up-time checks per day to ensure maximum availability of the website.
  9. Backup: There should be a daily backup of the website to avoid data loss.
  10. Security Scan: A daily security scan should be performed to find and fix security vulnerabilities.
Process 01


During the first step of the process, we focused on the site map to ensure that the complex site-dependent services were presented in a clear and structured manner. By carefully planning and structuring the content, we were able to ensure that users throughout Switzerland can find the information easily and quickly, regardless of their language barrier. This is an essential component of a user-friendly website and supports the Counseling Center's goal of helping people in all circumstances.
Process 02

Prototyping Landing-Page

In the second step of the process, we created and tested several prototypes to ensure that the website design met the needs of the users. By integrating feedback, we fine-tuned interactions and navigation to create a simple and user-friendly website. This allowed us to clearly present the complex location-based services of the counseling center and provide a seamless experience for users with different language backgrounds.


In conclusion, the website we created for the Counseling Center for Binational Couples and Families is an important milestone in supporting the community. With a modern, user-friendly and quadrilingual website, binational couples and families can find and receive support in a simple and quick way.

By implementing top-notch web hosting and maintenance services, we can ensure that the website is available and secure at all times. Daily backups, security scans and IP blocking provide additional protection and ensure that the website is always up to date.

Thanks to the structured approach to sitemap and prototyping, we were able to create a user-friendly and easily accessible website tailored to the needs of binational couples and families.

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