What is included?

  • SEO kickoff data analysis
  • SEO depth analysis
  • Website Quality Audit
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Google Search Console Analysis
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Keyword Research (1/2)

What is the result?

  • General SEO insight
  • SEO Topic Roadmap
  • Define target group or buyer personas
  • Competitor insight
  • SEO strategy and roadmap
  • Concrete, further procedure

According to Hubspot, the first 5 hits on the first page of Google receive
75% of the traffic.

Dartera helps you position yourself to profit.


SEO Kickoff Data Analysis

Looking at analytics data tells us a lot about past performance, the details of which you don't yet know.
The evaluation of various data sources, which are reconciled with each other, gives us an accurate picture of performance.
Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) is a powerful visualization platform that pulls in data from various sources and allows us to create interactive reports. We use this solution exclusively - it becomes the cornerstone for all reports in our strategy with you.

Website Quality Audit

What is “Website Quality”?

Search engines send traffic to websites that they classify as “high value”. In detail, this means:

  1. Websites that are coded and structured according to webmaster guidelines.
  2. Sites that are “popular”, i.e. mentioned on the internet.
  3. Websites that meet the “search intent” through relevant and high quality content.

Pages with low quality content, poor structure and lack of mentions online will cause Google to lose trust in your site and crawl, index and rank it less and less over time.

We evaluate the quality of your website based on a range of data, including inbound links, titles, content depth, organic traffic sales, keyword rankings, and more.


Comprehensive competitor analysis

What is part of a Dartera competitor analysis?

Dartera analyzes your largest organic Google competitors to provide data-driven answers to search engine ranking factors such as:

  • Who are your actual organic Google competitors?
  • What keywords are they targeting using keyword gap analysis?
  • Why are they successful with their content marketing strategy?
  • What link building metrics make them successful?
  • What conversion rate optimization strategies do they use?
  • Which digital marketing strategies are they using effectively?
  • Where are they failing and where can you therefore strategically position yourself to win?

And most importantly, what do you need to do to overtake them?


Business growth can be a challenge, but we simplify the process – less stress, more fun, greater success.

*But it's 100% legal (pinky promise)

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