What is included?

  • Link Audit
  • Link Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Link Campaigns

What is the result?

  • Link profile cleanup
  • List of link building targets
  • High Authority Links
  • Concrete, further procedure

According to Hubspot, search engine optimization consists of 75% OffPage and 25% OnPage optimization

Dartera helps you to link up properly.


What is link building?

Link building is building links from other websites to your website or online store. These backlinks lay the foundation for better discoverability on the internet. This way you can achieve better rankings on Google and increase the authority of your website. The effect of good content on a website or online store comes to fruition when popularity is increased. With the help of link building, we make sure that your website becomes more popular and gains authority, which usually increases your search engine rankings.


White Hat Links that lead to superior rankings

With a process-driven approach and innovative link building strategy, our link building services significantly improve your search engine ranking and SEO performance.

Our process works by acquiring relevant links to important landing pages on your domain, which is the most important ranking factor.


The path to success



Our custom link building process includes over 20 different link building strategies that work for any website. We use competitor data to create the optimal link building plan for your website.



We target premium websites and influencers relevant to our clients’ niche and content, and launch proven outreach campaigns. Our outreach technique is constantly adjusted to achieve the best response rates and results.



Using a variety of white hat link building methods, we consistently gain significant links for our clients. Our goal is to build a solid backlink profile that will set you apart from your competitors.



Search engines love the links we build. And our clients trust us to build links that positively impact their SEO rankings. We measure results and work with our clients to improve our campaigns and adjust our link building tactics.


Business growth can be a challenge, but we simplify the process – less stress, more fun, greater success.

*But it's 100% legal (pinky promise)

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